October 22, 2015


We're thrilled to announce that the warrant has been approved, and that work has now started on site at The Trapezium House, in Strathaven



More information can be found at the project page:



October 22, 2015

We'll be working on designs to extend this handsome property in Giffnock, Glasgow



October 22, 2015

We're delighted to announce we'll be undertaking a feasibility for Stirling Rowing Club to look into how they may extend and upgrade their existing facilities. 



October 22, 2015

We have a new extension project in Aberdeen for Colin and Judith. Matt (of LCD) and the Colin used to row together and thus LCD have been engaged to turn Colin and Judith's new house into a wonderful home for their young family for many years to come....

October 15, 2015

Matt recently had a question and answer session with Natasha Marshall on design inspiration, the design process, and life outwith the office. You can read it here:



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