Pitched House Jordanhill


Two storey terraced house extension in Glasgow's West End. 


We sought to produce a more sculptural version of this ubiquiotous form within Glasgow's West end The residential area of Jordanhill has a strong 'front and back' typology, with a formal street frontage in red sandstone, and a less formal white render to the service lanes at the rear. Many properties in and around this area have been extensively altered and extended as families have outgrown the modular terraced accomodation.


We sought to produce a proposal which was both cost effective yet modern, and added improved visual amenity to the somewhat 'higgeldy piggeldy' backs to the terraced row. The site is interesting insofar as it has a substantial change in level from the north facing front to the south facing rear, meaning there is almost a storey in level difference and currently a disconnect between the house and its garden. 

This extension places the kitchen, dining and utility spaces onto the new basement level to make full use of the garden, with a new family bathroom and bedroom/living space on the floor above, also south facing. All of these spaces benefit from direct sunlight and the associated passive solar gain, thus minimising heating and lighting costs. 



Basement plan as existing proposed

Internal sketch of new kitchen/dining room

Ground floor plan as existing proposed

First floor plan as existing and proposed

Design render of extension

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