The Hidden House Glasgow 


This project was undertaken with our very talented friends and colleagues at cameronwebster architects. 

We were approached by a private client who had purchased this site in the west end with a view to building their 'forever' house. The site had a slightly chequered planning history, having previously been refused planning for a detached dwelling. 


Given the complications associated with the site, our 'first principles' approach (which we seek to use on all of our projects) stood us in good stead. The site is within a conservation area, and it is abutted by two 'B' Listed buildings (on Wilton Street and Doune Gardens) - meaning there were significant constraints associated with any sort of development on the site, which must preserve and strengthen the setting of these important neighbours. Moreover, there were several mature trees on the site, including one very fine lime tree, which would require to be preserved in any development. 


Glasgow's West End is a wonderful place; defined as it is in part as a series of grand boulevards, green parks, vistas and verdant moments articulated between significant quality and quantity of Victorian and Edwardian architecture. Many of the private gardens, particularly to the front of tenements and town houses are enclosed by privet hedges and cast iron railings (where they weren't removed as part of the war effort). 


As part of the site analysis process, we found an historic photograph which indicated this this piece of land was also once also surrounded with a hedge and railings. It was historically was shared by the two adjacent townhouses, although tjese were subsequently divided into flats. We began to ask ourselves: were the hedge and railings reinstated, how much 'building' could be undertaken behind before it begins to have a negative effect on the surroundings. 

The proposal seeks to raise a sloping ground plane as the roof to the house still hidden from view behind the hedge, but sufficiently high to form a 3 bedroom home beneath with south facing glazing into a private garden. The sloping roof will be formed in wild flowers, and to the north (along the lane) will be a car parking space.

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